social media tools for dog-momagers

5 Time-Saving Social Media Tools Dog Momagers Need

Dog momagers, spend more time with your dog and less time on your phone with these 5 time-saving…

As a Dog Momager, I want to be spending more time with my dog, and less time in front of my phone. These 5 social media tools help me do that.

I don’t know about you, but as a dog momager, Sundays are my social media content planning days! But, in order for planning to be effective, I need the right social media tools.

What do I mean by content planning? As much as possible, I try to plan what I post to Henry The Smol’s InstagramFacebook and Pinterest accounts as ahead of time as I can. With that, I also need to figure out what I’m posting on the blog and what I’m sending out to my email subscribers.

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Side-note, I know there’s a bunch of social media workflow tools out there, but personally, I love a good old fashion agenda, a white board, some bright-colored markers and a notebook! There’s something about writing things down by hand that makes it “real”. Anyone else? 

Here are a few of my faves, that I literally use every day!

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social media tools for dog-momagers

My favorite time-saving social media tools

Ok dog momagers, if you’ve come to this blog post, it’s because, like me, you also manage your dog’s social media accounts. What are some of the tools you use to create and plan your content? I’m always looking to step my game up, so please do share them with me in the comment section below!

If you want to learn how to grow your dog’s IG account, check out this blog post.

Time-Saving Social Media Tools for Dog Momagers:











Creating Eye-Catching Content With Canva

The ultimate social media time-saver tool has got to be Canva!

Before I was a dog momager, I used to run a dance studio and would use Canva to create posters, Instagram and Facebook posts, flyers and literally everything. I’m no graphic designer so Canva is SUPER helpful for people with absolutely no design background.

I’ve been using Canva for years and its benefits are ENDLESS: Instagram highlight covers, fun graphics for stories and pins, product collages, PDF guides or ebooks, and more—I’ve made it all with Canva! ⁠

Canva has a free version, but with the paid version (16.99$CAD/month) you have access to stock photos and videos for any niche. There are just a lot more options; it’s worth every penny.

Try the Canva free trial and see if you like it. Trust me, you’ll like it.

Photo Editing Made Easy In Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is the app I use to edit all my photos. It makes all the pictures I take of Henry for social media look bright, professional and engaging.

Thanks to the presets I purchased (Light & Airy), my photos all follow a consistent aesthetic.

Pro-tip if you’re just getting started with content creation: good lighting is key (a window works great for this) and decluttered backgrounds make editing way easier!

social media tools for dog-momagers

Editing & Creating Videos With InShot App

InShot is one of my favorite video-editing apps to work with on my phone. It allows me to edit unboxing videos and reels, without sacrificing quality.

This app helps with saving time when it comes to creating content for social media, especially when it comes to Instagram Reel⁠! The IG Reels editing is not the most user-friendly when it comes to moving clips around. So if you’re not doing a lip-sync reel, this app is pretty great.

I also use InShot to add fun effects to my Instagram stories (especially when it comes to a product I’m unboxing). These have helped to keep my viewers’ attention longer, leading to more commissionable sales!

Automating Emails With ConvertKit

Having an email list is crucial when you have a blog or an e-commerce business. Yes, having a presence on social media is important, but hear me out.

What happens the day a particular platform crashes (and it has happened!) ? How will you reach your audience?

Answer: email.

I’ve used Mailchimp before, but when I switched to ConvertKit, everything became so much easier! I can segment my audience and tag them, so I can send them customized content to suit their interests. I can automate my emails and easily create welcome sequences whenever I have a new subscriber.

I can plan emails in advance and schedule them to go out whenever I want, and to whoever I want! It’s a huge time-saver.

ConvertKit‘s user experience is great and the customer support is super responsive.

There is a free version of ConvertKit, but it was too limiting and did not include the time-saving automations and welcome sequences. I opted for the 29.00$USD/month plan, and it has everything I need!

Social Media Scheduling Tool To Save You HOURS On Pinterest

Defined as “the #1 Pinterest & Instagram scheduling tool”, Tailwind is my go-to when it comes to scheduling my Pinterest pins.

I’m not too familiar with its Instagram scheduling feature (I use Creator Studio in Facebook for that), but when it comes to Pinterest, it’s magical.

I learned how to properly use Tailwind when I took Tori Mistick’s course, Pinterest for PetPreneurs. I knew Pinterest was awesome, but I didn’t know to what extent until this course.

I learned how to use keywords to write better Pin descriptions so my Pins would be found; I learned how to drive traffic to the blog with eye-catching graphics and most importantly, I learned how to use Tailwind to properly schedule my pins.

I batch create lots of Pins ahead of time, and then I upload them to Tailwind where my Pins will get posted over a few months, at a rate of about 15-20 pins a day.

Tailwind also picks the right times to post these Pins so my account doesn’t appear spammy. And because Tailwind is a trusted Pinterest partner, I know it’s “safe”.

Honestly, if you’re a pet influencer, you have an e-commerce biz or you’re a blogger, you need to get yourself on Pinterest right now. It is officially my #1 traffic source when it comes to my blog, and it’s in large part thanks to Tailwind (and Tori’s course!)

Click here to enjoy your first month of Tailwind FREE! You’re welcome.

social media tools for dog-momagers

As a busy “dog momager”, I manage to save so much time by using these helpful social media tools. Of course, there are a bunch more out there for planning, creating, analyzing and scheduling, and I’m always on the look out for more.

In fact, I recently starting using Flick, a hashtag analytics tool, and it’s helping with my hashtag strategy on Instagram!

If you’ve read this far, here’s a little bonus to enjoy 10% off your first month of Flick.

Speaking of hashtags, IG growth is one of the lesson topics in the Wear Wag Repeat Society I joined. Every month we work on a different theme, like building an email list, blogging for SEO, writing an authentic “about me” section on our website and so much more.

Not only am I part of a community of awesome dog moms who hold me accountable to my goals each month, but I get to learn from Tori who is so generous with her time, ressources and knowledge.

As a dog momager herself for over 20 years, I trust she knows what she’s talking about! I’m such a fan of hers and her courses that I became an affiliate. You can head over to her website here for more details about the WWR Society and the various courses she offers.

All these time-saving social media tools coupled with a supportive dog mom community help me to be the best dog momager I can be, and I hope this will help you too!

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