How To Find Old Instagram Stories On Your Dog’s Account

Your dog’s Instagram stories stick around for 24h, and after that they disappear! Or do they? 

Ever wonder where all those old Instagram stories go? I can tell you: the archive! Hurray, they aren’t lost forever. You can totally bring them back to life by re-sharing them to your story whenever you want!

You can watch the tutorial IG Reel here or read the instructions below:


Ever wonder where all those stories go when you don’t add them to a highlight, or save them to your camera roll? ?️‍♀️?

Here’s a great way to find them all! This will also show you how much you’ve been showing up in IG stories.

? Go to Settings in the little hamburger menu at the top right of your profile

? Select Archive

? Select Stories Archive, in the middle, at the top of your screen

? Scroll through the calendar and pick a date

⬆️ Click Share to post it in your stories (you can also post it to your feed, if you want!) and use the date as a memory or make it bigger to fill the whole screen

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find old instagram stories on your dog's account

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