Meet Henry The Smol & The Humans Behind The Dog

Henry The Smol is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born August 19, 2019 living in the city of Montreal, Quebec. He’s a handsome, feisty and fashionable little pup who enjoys chasing birds, making friends and posing for the camera on walks in the city.

What is a smol? The Internet defines “smol” as a something extremely small and cute, something irresistible that must be protected and cherished. That is how we feel about our Henry. He’s a smaller male cavalier, and looked like a stuffed animal when we first brought him home. Our friends and I would repeatedly use this word around him, and that is how the nickname was born. Yes, Henry responds to “smol”. 

Breeder Info: cavalier.passionuniq.ca/
Mesoka UniQ Amor Enrique
Sir: GrCh Chris-Heafen Jaxon UniQue
Dame: Ch Fleurdelys Lola Mesoka

Henry The Smol | Pet Lifestyle Blog | City Dog Living
Henry The Smol | Pet Lifestyle Blog | City Dog Living

CavDad: Proud dog dad Juan is graphic designer turned full-time marketing consultant and web designer, always making sure Henry The Smol’s branding is on point! He designed the logo and helped set up the technical aspects of this website.

Juan runs his own digital marketing agency asterpolaris.com You’ll see him pop up on our social media every once and while, but he’s usually the one behind the camera, shooting content of Henry and I!

[Besides Loving Henry] Some of his favorite things include art, design, space, science fiction and music! Follow him here: @juan.cabrerag

Henry The Smol | Pet Lifestyle Blog | City Dog Living

CavMom: I’m Cara, dog-momager, content creator and social media strategist. I’m the voice behind Henry’s social media accounts, so if you send Henry a DM, you’re really talking to me!

I’ve always had a passion for writing, and starting a blog has been a longtime dream of mine. Becoming a dog mom gave me the little push I needed to jump in and finally get started! 

Just recently, I launched my very own social media business, inspired by all the positive feedback I received from the dog mom community simplybloomsocial.com

[Besides Loving Henry] some of my favorite things include planners and journals, all pink and pretty things, tea parties, fireworks and peonies. Follow me here @simplybloomsocial


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Henry The Smol | Pet Lifestyle Blog | City Dog Living
Henry The Smol | Pet Lifestyle Blog | City Dog Living
Henry The Smol | Pet Lifestyle Blog | City Dog Living

Henry The Smol: Our Why


Yes, I love all the pretty things, and yes I love to shop and spoil my dog! …but this blog is more than that.

Most of what we learned about taking care of Henry comes from communicating with other dog parents online. The dog community is so kind and helpful to us, we want to be helpful right back! That’s what a community should be about: uplifting and empowering each other to be the best we can be. 

For us, it’s all about making our readers and followers smile with a picture, video or a relatable blog post. We value authenticity, kindness, positivity and friendship and always try to convey those values with every post, story and comment we put out into the world!

We’re always on the look-out for new, quality pet products and brands whose mission genuinely resonates with what we do.Take a look at some of the brands we’ve worked with here. When we love something that really works for us, we need to share it with everyone we know so they can also benefit from it. If we can make other dog parents’ lives easier in some way by sharing our own personal experiences, we’ve done our job! 

Thank you so much for stopping by. Head over to the blog and hang out for awhile!

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