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This dog mom started a business!

I was inspired by the supportive dog mom community on Instagram to start my social media business! My goal is to help entrepreneurs flourish by simplifying social media through consulting and strategy.


Henry The Smol | Pet Lifestyle Blog | City Dog Living

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City Dog Living

Henry the Smol is a dog mom lifestyle blog born from a passion for being a city dog mom who loves to spoil her dog!

From fashionable dog accessories to dog-friendly places, we explore it all, city style. 

Henry The Smol | Pet Lifetyle Blog | City Dog Living

The “Tea” On Cavology Dog Accessories For Fall 2021

Fall 2021’s must-have dog accessories are Cavology’s latest drop, inspired by a cup of your favorite herbal teas! Shop high-quality, stylish harnesses, leashes and more in this blog post.

4 Things I’ve Learned So Far As A First-Time Dog Mom

After two years as a first-time dog mom, I’ve learned a lot. Here are 4 realizations I’ve come to along the way.

Dog-Friendly Quebec City: Our Dog’s First Road Trip

Exploring dog-friendly Quebec City on our first ever road trip with Henry! Read more to learn about how we planned and the fun places we visited with our dog.

Dog-Friendly Lavender Fields near Montreal

If you’re a fan of lavender, then this post is for you. It’s our yearly family tradition, and now Henry is part of it too, because La Maison Lavande is dog-friendly! Read more about these dog-friendly lavender fields near Montreal, in this blog post.

Our Dog-Friendly Staycation At The Four Seasons Hotel

We had our very first dog-friendly staycation at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Montreal to celebrate my 30th birthday!

How Dog Moms Can Relax: Dog-Friendly Balcony Finds

Are you an iced-coffee fan? In this post, I share my favorite way to relax with Henry, and some of the items I used to beautify my dog-friendly balcony!

Travel-Inspired Dog Accessories To Satisfy Your Wanderlust

Cavology’s newest travel-themed dog accessories collection are sure to satisfy your wanderlust, and get you dreaming about your next vacation destination (dog-friendly, of course)! Where to next?

Tips for Traveling With Your Dog For The First Time

Traveling with your dog for the first time involves a lot of planning and preparation. Here are some tips for pet-friendly flying and hotels!

Dog-Friendly California: Orange County & Los Angeles

Our first vacation was to dog-friendly California! I’m sharing my favorite dog-friendly places to visit in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Dog Mom Talk: Dog-Friendly Home Decor Tips

We had the opportunity to chat with Monikah, super-creative dog mom to an adorable Cavalier named Daisy, who shares her dog-friendly home decor tips for a stylish, decluttered space and more!