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City life through the eyes of a pup

Smol boy, BIG personality, excellent taste.


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Hi there, I’m Henry


Henry is a Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born August 19, 2019 living in the city of Montreal, Quebec. He’s a handsome, feisty, friendly little pup who enjoys chasing birds, making friends and posing for the camera on walks in the city.

What is a smol? The Internet defines “smol” as a something extremely small and cute, something irresistible that must be protected and cherished. That is how we feel about our Henry. He’s a smaller male cavalier, and looked like a stuffed animal when we first brought him home. Our friends and I would repeatedly use this word around him, and that is how the nickname was born. Yes, Henry responds to “smol”.

CavMom: Momager Cara is a full-time #dogmom, girl boss, content creator and author behind all the blog posts. [Besides Loving Henry] some of her favorite things include tea parties, fireworks and peonies.

CavDad: Proud dad Juan is a full-time graphic designer and marketing consultant (making sure our branding is on point!) [Besides Loving Henry] Some of his favorite things include design, science fiction and Kanye West.


Breeder Info: elevagepassionunique.com
Mesoka UniQ Amor Enrique
Sir: GrCh Chris-Heafen Jaxon UniQue
Dame: Ch Fleurdelys Lola Mesoka



Let’s Collab!

A Passion for Dog-Parenting

Our Story

After discovering how inclusive, kind and welcoming the dog community can be, we decided to create a place where we could expand our connections by sharing our love for our fur baby with fellow dog-parents! Becoming dog parents was a huge transition for us and came with its set of challenges. We prepared for months before we brought Henry home and continue to learn something new (both about dogs and about ourselves) everyday. Sharing our pictures, stories and opinions with you is a passion of ours, and we hope that it helps you, empowers you and most importantly, makes you smile. Thank you for stopping by!

Smol’s Closet: Zozo’s Paw Take Center Sage Bandana

Do you love apparel and accessories as much as I do? You’ll love this series. Every week, step inside Smol’s Closet as I share my product recommendation of the week. This week: Zozo’s Paw Take Center Sage Bandana!

Baking for Your Dog with CĂș Bakery

I baked apple, sweet potato & oat dog muffins with Cu Bakery Snacum baking kit. Such a super easy way to bake something cute and yummy for your dog!

Dog Mom Talk: A New Blog Series!

Most of what I know about taking care of Henry has come from chatting with fellow dog moms and reaching out to the online dog community. As part of a new series of blog posts, I’ll be interviewing a new dog mom every week. I’ve made so many awesome encounters and I want to share them all with you!


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