Instagram Insights Dog Momagers Need To Know

As a dog momagers, there are certain Instagram insights you need to know. These insights can be so helpful when it comes to creating relatable, shareable content and growing your dog’s Instagram account, both strategically and organically.

You’ll want to make sure to align your Instagram goals with what you’re seeing in your insights. What is resonating most with your audience? What types of content is sparking conversation? What posts are being shared the most? 

Here’s a quick tutorial on where you can find these insights. You can watch it on this IG Reel here or read the instructions below:


? When you have a business or creator account, you have access to insights

?This is all the data behind your follower demographics, posts, stories, videos AND RECENTLY, REELS!

? Insights provide a deeper understanding of your IG account and help you get to know your audience better!

? You can see how many times your content was shared, saved, liked, commented on and more, over a given period of time.

? This is also where you can see how many accounts you’ve reached and how many times your content is getting seen.

?‍? Having access to these numbers can be very useful when building a content strategy or working with brands.

? Always keep in mind, however, what your goals are with your IG account, so you don’t get too caught up in the numbers! ❤️

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instagram insights dog momagers need

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Now that you’ve explored the Instagram insights dog momagers need to know, it’s time to create your own strategy for growth. (whatever growth looks like to you!)

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social media tools for dog-momagers


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