How Dog Moms Can Relax: Dog-Friendly Balcony Finds

Between a full-time job and managing the blog and Henry’s social media, this dog mom needs to find ways to relax and recharge. How do I do this? Enjoying a Nespresso iced-coffee out on the balcony with Henry.

This simple little activity gives me a moment to clear my head, take a break from my phone and gain some creativity! It’s the best.

And, now that Summer’s finally here, I refreshed my balcony with a few little dog-friendly accessories to make our balcony set up even cosier!

Keep scrolling for all the details.

dog-friendly balcony
dog-friendly balcony

Iced-coffee relaxing time is a family affair. Even dog dad, Juan, likes to sit out on the balcony with us. Our beverage preferences are different, however. When we ordered our cold brew Nespresso pods, they included three Monin syrups (vanilla, saffron and tiki) and a couple of recipes to try! Details here!

Juan’s was the Vanilla Almond Ice Forte, with almond milk and vanilla syrup, whereas mine was the Orange Saffron Ice Leggero with oat milk and saffron syrup (minus the orange, because I didn’t have any). Oat milk has actually been a great recent discovery, since I’m not a big fan of milk.

I then jumped on Amazon to see if I could find some more syrups, and to my surprise, there are TONS. Linking them all here for my iced-coffee fans!

dog-friendly balcony
dog-friendly balcony

As for Henry, he loves being out on the balcony, splooting on the ottoman and watching the birds.

We like to keep him on a leash while he’s on the balcony, for safety reasons, but we are currently looking for a little bed or crate for him to relax in. I’ve been eye-ing this one from Kindtail, it’s so chic and collapsible for easy storage. Check it out here.

We also use interlocking floor tiles over the cement, to keep the ground cool. I opted for faux plants (I do not have a green thumb lol!) and Henry eats everything, so this was a safe option for a dog-friendly balcony.

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As a busy dog momager, I want to spend more time with my dog and less time on my phone. Along with taking a few minutes a day to relax, I also use social media tools that save me time. I share my top 5 in this blog post! Learn how I use apps like Canva, Lightroom and Tailwind to save time, create beautiful content and plan ahead.


Now go have an iced coffee and enjoy a little R&R. Cheers! 

dog-friendly balcony


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