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I’m Cara, a Montreal dog mom who loves to spoil her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. From stylish dog accessories to dog-friendly places, we explore it all, city style, right here on this dog mom lifestyle blog!

A lot of what I learned about taking care of Henry came from advice I received from the online dog mom community. I hope to be able to help other dog moms by sharing my experiences, stories and product recommendations with you.

Ever wonder what city dog living is like?

Join me as I share it all. Here, you can expect to find stylish dog clothes, dog-friendly places, puppyhood advice, daily dog struggles, apartment living, traveling with your dog and everything else I love about dog mom life in the city!

Life with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Everything Cavalier King Charles!

Cavaliers are so special. If you’re thinking of bringing one home, here’s the place to learn from my experiences as a first-time cav-mom.

Here you’ll find tips on Cavalier care, keeping a house clean with a dog who sheds, training tips, our favorite brands and all the adventures we get into with Henry!


Puppyhood: Welcome Your New Puppy

Have you ever felt like your puppy is driving you crazy?! Or maybe you might be preparing for a brand new puppy. 

Learn everything you need to know before getting a new dog in this section of the blog. Be prepared for what to expect after neutering your dog, check if you’re actually ready for a puppy, find the list of puppy essentials and much more in the posts below.


Dog-Momager: Tips for Dog Mom Content Creators

Social media tips to step up your dog momager game! Whether you’re a pet business owner or dog mom content creator, I’m here to help. 

Topics you can expect to find in this category include: organic growth on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, content strategy, social media marketing and more! 

Check out the posts below to get started.

How To Grow Your Dog’s Instagram Account

How To Grow Your Dog’s Instagram Account

So you just launched your dog’s new Instagram account, now what? What are your goals with your pet’s social media? If you’re looking to grow your dog’s account organically and authentically, here are some of the tips and tricks that worked for us! Learn what is truly important about your dog’s social media account, and how to achieve the results you want.