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Dog Mom Talk: Grow Your Instagram with Corey C.

On today’s Dog Mom Talk, we are stepping up our Instagram game with photographer, business owner, blogger and dog mom, Corey C.! Her Instagram account (@jaxandthepack) features beautiful photos of her three gorgeous dogs, Jax (Shepherd mix), Zooey (Shepherd mix), & Haku (Shih-tzu mix). You can often find these cuties posing on the beach and living their best dog lives in Florida!

Corey is a self-taught photographer who has made it her mission to be a resource for beginner photographers. She has spent the last two years gathering tons of knowledge and experience, to now be able to share everything she’s learned in one place, with you! Her website, photographybycorey.com, is a place where you can sharpen your photography skills and improve your content creation.

She also gave an awesome class at The Pet Summit—the virtual pet conference for pet influencers, bloggers and business-owners—that dove into the differences between using a real camera vs. a smart phone. In fact, you still can access this class by purchasing a ticket to The Pet Summit here.

If you’re looking to grow—and eventually monetize—your pet’s Instagram account (or your own!) then you need to read her new blog, The Photo Pack. With posts like Making Money on Instagram and How to Immediately Improve Your Photography (Without a Fancy Camera), you’ll definitely be on the right track!

This week’s Dog Mom Talk includes tips and tricks to up your Insta-game with one super-talented dog mom, Corey C.!

Let’s have a Dog Mom Talk!

Through Instagram I found more and more people asking for assistance in understanding the basics [of photography.] […] which inspired me to take the leap and become a resource for beginner photographers.” – Corey, Photography by Corey

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Get to know Corey more! Listen to her recent interview on the Wear Wag Repeat podcast with Tori Mistick here!

dog mom talk
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“My number one tip for dog parents who are starting their dog’s Instagram account is: be patient.” -Corey

What do you love most about the dog community?

I love that our community is typically supportive, for the most part. There are some disagreements, but overall people seem to get along. Considering how big the dog community is, it’s amazing! If you look at any post, there are rarely any negative comments and a ton of words of encouragement and support.

What are you currently working on?

I recently launched my blog The Photo Pack! My goal with this blog is to be a resource for people and their social media career, wherever it may take them. With every blog post, I share photography, Instagram, and content creation tips! You can find The Photo Pack blog on my photography business’ website: photographybycorey.com 

Do you ever feel pressured to post? How do you cope with this?

I used to feel pressured to post on Instagram. It was anxiety-inducing to think about missing a post. It feels like you’ll be left behind and people will forget about you if you miss a day, which is silly when you think about it. 

About two or three years ago, I tried going a couple of days without posting, and it was so liberating! Once you get past that first-day anxiety, the pressure to post goes away. Plus, I’ve found that if I cave, and post when I’m feeling obligated too, the post typically fails.  Instead, I post when I feel I have quality content to share.

Dog Mom Talk

What are some helpful tips for dog moms who are just getting started with their Instagram account?

My number one tip for dog moms who are starting their dog’s Instagram account is: be patient. Growing your account takes time, and effort. Don’t get too hung up on the number of followers you have. While Instagram may be pretty photos, it is also about building a community around you. Be social!

You also want to use hashtags that relate to you. With hashtags, a good place to start is with your local hashtags, breed-specific hashtags, and hashtags of interests that relate back to your pup! This will increase your chances of your post being seen by people who can become part of your community.

Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

In 5 years, I would like to be a one stop shop resource for people who are wanting to expand their Instagram in any capacity. Right now, my blog posts are pretty broad, but I do plan on getting more specific with the content. I’d love to dive deeper into photography and editing tips. I am also working on an e-course for beginner photographers! 

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Thank you Corey for joining us on the Dog Mom Talk blog interview series! It was so great learning some of your Instagram tips! Check out her awesome photography & content creation blog here: photographybycorey.com

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