Holiday Gifts For Dog Lovers

Everyone in my family has a dog, so when it comes time for holiday shopping, you know they’ll be getting gifts. Everyone seems to be getting Christmas stuff started early this year: the trees are already up, might as well get the shopping started too!

I’ve done some serious online window shopping to bring you the ultimate gift guide for the dog (and dog lover) with excellent taste! Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for friends and family members with dogs, or a gift for yourself (with love from me to me!), this gift guide will surely have something for everyone on your list!

*Pro shopper tip: get your holiday shopping done early this year for two reasons: 1. Shipping delays!!! You know it’s going to take longer than usual, so plan ahead. 2. It’s always so much fun to have enough time to wrap gifts and add that little personal touch to each of your presents.

Disclosure: Please keep in mind that some of the links included in this blog post are affiliate links and if you go through them to buy something, I will earn a commission. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. The decision to purchase something is completely and totally up to you. If you do decide to purchase something from one of these links, I thank you for supporting Henry The Smol’s blog!

Happy Shopping & Happy Howlidays!

Gift Guide For The Dog Lover

Gifts For Dog Lovers: Holiday Edition

Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts Featured Here:

‘Tis the season for gift-giving! These fun Christmas-themed items are sure to get anyone in the holiday spirit!


  1. Moose pyjamas, Cavology $32
  2. Hot Cocoa & marshmallow burrow dog toy, Zippy Paws $16
  3. Naughty nordic jumper, Maxbone $55
  4. 5th ave. luxe collar, Cavology $49
  5. Kodi bear plush toy, Maxbone $35
  6. Santa S’mores, Bocce’s Bakery $6.50
  7. Champagne glitter dog ornament, Cavology $19
  8. Personalized dog treat ornament, Billiebone $5
  9. Holiday bandana, Woofcav $10
  10. Cavmas party sweatshirt, Cavology $39
  11. Cream holiday stocking, Cavology $42
  12. Penguin plush toy set of 3, Fringe Studio $11.50
  13. Tartan plaid bed, Maxbone $160

Gifts For Dog Lovers: Fashion Edition

Gifts for Dog Lovers

Gifts Featured Here:

For the fashionable pup (and pup parent!) with a taste for quality and good design!


  1. Crate, Fable $395
  2. Chewy Vuitton bone dog toy, Muttropolis $17
  3. Light blue Christian Cowan x Maxbone feathered jumper, Maxbone $95
  4. Collar, Wild One $38
  5. Triangle tug, Wild One $24
  6. Organic banana & peanut butter treats, Billiebone $8
  7. Lorin harness, Maxbone $140
  8. KULE x Maxbone balaclava, $45
  9. Americanine Express plush toy, $12.50
  10. Globetrotter Harness, Maxbone $55
  11. Color block cableknit sweater, Muttropolis $29
  12. Elma Poop Bag, Maxbone $45
  13. Park avenue luxe collar, Cavology $49

Gifts For Dog Lovers: Clean Edition

Gifts for Dog Lovers: Clean Edition

Gifts Featured Here:

For the dog parent who likes to keep their home (and their dog!) squeaky clean!


  1. Mudbuster, Amazon $12.90
  2. Argan repair dry skin dog shampoo, Kin and Kind $14.99
  3. Dog grooming kit, Wild & Woofy $20
  4. Shampoo & wipes, Wild One $29
  5. Microfiber dog towel, Amazon $10
  6. Antiseptic wipes, Maxbone $20
  7. 5-piece Keeping clean with pets set, The Laundress $150
  8. Milo double-sided brush, Maxbone $25
  9. iRobot Roomba, Amazon $223
  10. Dog Bathrobe, Muttropolis $34
  11. Smart Diffuser, Aera $200
  12. Cuddly coat grooming shampoo, Kiehl’s $20

Gifts For Dog Lovers: City Edition

Gifts for Dog Lovers: City Edition

Gifts Featured Here:

For the on-the-go city dog (and dog mom!) who have places toe be and puppies to meet!


  1. Starbucks frenchie roast dog toy, Muttropolis $14.50
  2. Wellies dog boots, Amazon $20
  3. City carrier bag, Maxbone $290
  4. Earthbath grooming wipes, Amazon $25
  5. City-length rope leash, Cavology $45
  6. Peanut butter jelly treats, Maxbone $18
  7. Signature Ash step-in harness, Cavology $29
  8. Talon raincoat, Maxbone $75
  9. Abigail poop bag holder, Maxbone $35
  10. Dog Mom cap, Cavology $29
  11. Rubber travel bowl, Maxbone $25
  12. Airline compliant travel carrier, Wild One $125
  13. Earth rated poop bags, Amazon $17

Gifts For Dog Lovers: Home Edition

Gifts for Dog Lovers: Home Edition

Gifts Featured Here:

Pet gifts that double as items for the homes: functional and aesthetically pleasing!


  1. Dog Mama: 200 Tips, Trends and How-To Secrets for Stylish Dog Owners, Indigo $27
  2. Pet Treat Tin, Pet Life Design $25
  3. PupRug faux fur memory foam bed, Paw Brands $183
  4. Velvet baby hangers, Amazon $22
  5. Dog mattress, Casper $150
  6. Round woven basket, Amazon $20
  7. Custom pet portrait, West and Willow $60
  8. Pet teepee, Amazon $70
  9. Squeaky dog toy, The Foggy Dog $16
  10. Pet Cube, Amazon $200
  11. Dog magnets, Indigo $8
  12. Unwind lounger, Maxbone $80
  13. Classic pet bowls, Park Life Designs $25

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  1. So perfect , i love this!

  2. Beautiful gift guide! I know a few pups in my house need the Naughty Nordic Jumper!

  3. Love the items! So functional, Cute and Classy all at the same time! Looking forward to buying some of these things! Thank you for being our personal shopper 🙂 Henery looks so adorable in front of your beautiful Christmas tree! Many Hugs, Katie

  4. Our Bella Joy is actually a Boy who just turned 1 year old and your choices are so perfect for him and us! Thank you so much for sharing your great ideas! Sincerely, Katie 🙂

  5. Thank you!!! A lot of these items we have or are on our wish list too! Hopefully Santa will bring us some nice surprises this year 🙂

  6. Haha! Thank you!! As soon as I saw it, it called out to me…hmm I wonder why! haha!

  7. You’re so welcome! So happy you enjoyed it. We’re thrilled to be your personal shopper 😀 Happy shopping!

  8. THANKS FOR information CARA! we just placed an order at billie bone!!

  9. Yay! You’ll love it! Also a great gift for the upcoming holiday season!!

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