Dog-Friendly Lavender Fields near Montreal

If you’re a fan of lavender, then this post is for you! It’s our yearly family tradition, and now Henry is part of it too, because La Maison Lavande is dog-friendly!

Located in St-Eustache, about a 40-minute drive from Montreal, this growing family business welcomes dogs of all sizes to the fields, as long as they stay on a leash.

Keep reading for details on our first outing to La Maison Lavande with Henry!

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dog-friendly lavender fields
dog-dog-friendly lavender fields

Dog-Friendly Activities To Do In Montreal In The Summer: Lavender Fields

Visiting La Maison Lavande (Lavender Fields) near Montreal is an outing the whole family can enjoy–including your fur baby!

That’s right, these lavender fiels are dog-friendly and welcome dogs of all sizes!

Of course, dogs need to be well-behaved, and not disrupt the other visitors. And, much like everywhere we take our dogs, we’re expected to pick up after them and keep the premises clean.

Dogs are really welcome throughout the fields; it was nice to see the staff and other visitors get excited about seeing Henry. The only place dogs aren’t allowed is in the boutique (good thing they have an online store!)

What To Eat At The Lavender Fields

Visiting the lavender fields at La Maison Lavande is the perfect dog-friendly, summer activity to do as a family. You can even book the fields for a special event. 

You’re welcome to bring your own food and beverages to the fields, they have lots of picnic tables sprinkled around. They also have a relaxing area where you can lounge on one of their swinging hammock chairs, or on one of their comfy beanbag pillows.

It’s a wonderful place to have a picnic, listen to some live music and enjoy the delicious food from their bistro, most of which include Lavender.

Try the lavender frozen yogurt or the lavender lemonade! I totally missed the lavender iced-coffee, so I’m just going to have to wait until next summer.

Best Time To Visit La Maison Lavande

The best time to visit Maison Lavande is in the month of July, more specifically from June 24 to August 1.

They even keep their fields open longer on some days during the week, so you can get those great sunset photos! Make sure you snap a pic at the dreamy, gigantic swing or on their iconic purple tractor.

As of August 1, they begin to harvest the lavender to make all their amazing products. You can still visit the fields, it’s just not as purple (but, the entry is free).

Normally, the fee is 10$ for adults, 25$ for families and free for dogs 😉

dog-friendly lavender fields
dog-friendly lavender fields
dog-friendly lavender fields

Lavender-Scented Products

We can’t visit the fields during the fall or winter months, but we can shop all things lavender on their online boutique!

They carry tons of different products that are of course lavender-scented, including household products, body and hair care and food!

I personally love their lavender lip balm, essential oils and candles.

*I’ve spoken to a couple of vets and did a quick search online, and lavender is pet safe. Of course, speak with your vet before you diffuse any kind of essential oils or burn any candles at home.

dog-friendly lavender fields
dog-friendly lavender fields
dog-friendly lavender fields

What To Pack When Visting The Dog-Friendly Lavender Fields

Summers in Montreal are hot, and they can easily reach 30 degrees Celsius if there’s a heatwave. If you’re planning to go to La Maison Lavande with your dog on a hot day, I suggest going in the evening if you can or keeping your outing short and bringing lots of water.

Here’s what was in my backpack for this dog-friendly outing:

  • travel bowl and lots of water
  • treats for training (we’re always training!)
  • leash, harness and poop bag holder
  • face clothes I could wet to keep Henry cool (wipes work too!)

The harness & leash you in all the pictures is from our fave Montreal brand, Cavology. You can save 10% on your order when you shop with code HENRY.

We’re so glad we get to include Henry into our yearly tradition of visiting La Maison Lavande. We look forward to going to these dog-friendly lavender fields year after year.

If you want to experience the lavender fields, I posted a short recap video of our visit to la  on Instagram. You can watch it here!

Are you planning a dog-friendly vacation soon? Check out this blog post for tips on traveling with your dog for the first time!


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