5 City Dog Walk Essentials

Walks are a daily part of any dog parent’s day. In fact, now more than ever, I’m thankful to have Henry. He gives us an excuse to go outside and get some fresh air. It can be easy to forget to take a break when you’re working from home, sitting in front of a computer all day.

After a year of being first-time dog parents, living in the city, we realized that there are certain products we just can’t do walks without. We created a list of our 5 city walk essentials to make daily walkies in the city as easy as possible!

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City Dog Walks

Henry is a loveable pup, but he’s also an anxious pup! On top of his generally energetic mood, Henry barks.

He barks A LOT. He barks when you have food, he barks for attention, he barks when he’s playing, he barks at birds, he barks when meeting new friends: Henry barks. When you’re living in a condo, the barking can become problematic.*

*Update January 18th, 2021: we’ve been working with a positive reinforcement trainer, as the barking was getting out of hand. As it turns out, frequent walks are not always the solution for an anxious dog. Identifying the triggers and working on calm has been really helpful.

Henry doesn’t bark on walks anymore. You can read all about our training and quieting anxious barking here!

City Walk Essentials
City Walk Essentials
Featured here: Cavology SoHo City-Length Rope Leash, Black Waste-Bag Holder

Here are 5 city walk essentials: we just can’t do walks without! We always make sure to have these items handy during our walks.

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Our City Walk Essentials


Poop bags

An absolute necessity! There are so many options available out there. We’ve found Earth Rated is a great brand; not only are they from Montreal, but they’re recycled material and easy to open. They have an array of scented and unscented products, and I’ve tried them all.

I have to say the lavender-scented products have got to be my favorite! I just love the soothing smell of lavender while I’m picking up my dog’s business. Shop my favorite poop bags here!


City-length Leash (and Cavology Poop-Bag Dispenser!)

This leash is a MUST if you want to keep your pup close. We love our Cavology SoHo City-Length Rope Leash! If you’re anything like me, you get a mini-heart-attack every time your adventurous pup steps off the sidewalk. Especially in the city, this length is the best. Add one of their super-stylish waste bag dispensers to keep it cute and classy!

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A literal game-changer. Dirty paws are inevitable in the city, but with a cav it seems impossible to keep their white feet clean! Especially when it’s raining, it’s just the worst!

I tried cleaning off Henry’s feet with a wipe or even doing a lower-body bath when they would get really dirty, but seriously nothing compares to the simplicity of just wearing boots! Especially that last walk of the night, Henry’s paws need to be clean if he’s sleeping in our bed!

In the winter, between the slush and the salt, Henry absolutely needs boots. We use lined wellies from Canada Pooch. 


Sleek & Comfy Step-In Harness

Step-in Harnesses are literally the best! When Henry was little, we had the Puppia over-the-head harness, and we’ve also tried the dual-clip, no-pull harnesses, but I personally find them to be so bulky, and Henry isn’t really a fan. For some, however, it does help for walk-training.

My new favorite harness, though, is the Maxbone Globetrotter Harness. It’s a step-in, easy to put on harness with a velcro closure, as well as an ajustable buckle. Maxbone has different varieties of step-in harnesses you can shop here.

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Pet Water Bottle

If you’re thinking of going on a longer walk, or if it’s a really hot day, make sure to bring some water! We got our Gulpy Pet Water Dispenser from our first ever PupBox subscription, but seriously there are so many different types of portable pet water bottles you can find on Amazon, and they’re just so convenient to have on a long walk or hot day.


Bonus: Treats!

If you’re thinking of doing a little training (or photoshoot!) on your walk, you’ll need treats. We bring treats on every walk, ever since we started our positive reinforcement training.

BILLIEBONE dog treats are our absolute fave! And Henry LOVES them! Plus they’re super easy to carry around, 100% natural and made with local, organic ingredients from Montreal. Try them out and let us know what you think!

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There you have it, our city walk essentials. That’s how Henry walks his walk. We’d love to hear what you bring with you on a walk! Share some suggestions in the comments below.

We can’t wait to see how you do “walkies”!

city walk essentials
city walk essentials

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City Dog Walks


  1. Awesome tips! 4 walks is a lot! Def gotta be prepared 😀

  2. So glad! And totally! With Henry’s energy level it’s SO necessary! With summer finally here, we’ll start taking him to more dog parks too. Can’t wait for Paris and Henry to play together!

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