The Ultimate Amazon Dog Costume List: 30 Under 30$

October is here, which means pumpkin spice everything, warm apple pie and scrambling to find Henry the perfect Insta-worthy Halloween dog costume! To be honest, I’ve always preferred Thanksgiving over Halloween (except for horror movies and candy), until I became a dog mom. It’s such a blast trying to come up with a fun dog costume for Henry!

I just did an Amazon deep dive (of course) and I’m literally astounded at the variety of hilarious dog costumes available! I’ve linked all the ones that made me LOL in Henry’s Amazon shop, you can check them out here.

Last year, for Henry’s first Halloween, he dressed up as a pineapple! Do you have any idea what your dog will be for Halloween? I still have no clue. Hoping this list of 30 Amazon dog costumes under 30.00$ will help both you and me decide!

If your dog is less into dressing up and more into dressing well, you’ll want to check out my Fall dog fashion must-haves, check out the blog post here.

Dog Costume

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Dog Costume

Food Dog Costumes

Dogs dressed in food costumes is adorably delicious! And a very simple first Halloween costume option. Henry’s first Halloween costume was a pineapple! Although he wasn’t a huge fan of the pineapple hat (I had to sew it into the pineapple body). Nevertheless, this dog costume is not only super cute, but it also makes a statement: stand tall, wear a crown and always be sweet on the inside. There are sooo many food dog costume options; I may or may not be considering a taco for Henry this year. Whether you opt for the pineapple, pupcake, puppuccino, sashimi, hot dog or banana your dog will be a scrumptious cutie, sure to make their furriends giggle…and make them hungry!

Human Dog Costumes

It’s one thing to put our dogs in a cute little sweater (because hello sweater weather!) but dressing your dog up as a hooman is on a whole other level! The UPS delivery dog is, in my opinion, a classic Halloween dog costume, but some of these other ones, like the Hawaiian hula dancer and the cheerleader just really made me chuckle! Is your pup a smoldering hunk? How about the firefighter dog costume or the bad boy motorcyclist? Or perhaps you see your fur-baby pretty in pink? Then the pink lady would be a great choice! All of these are adoradbly hilarious, and would make any human do a double-take. Hooman or dog?!

Movie Character Dog Costumes

Is your dog a star?! Silly question. Of course they are! There are so many dog costumes inspired from famous movie characters. These are my personal favorite dog costumes that I would totally dress Henry. Which one best suits your pups personality? Will they run to your rescue like Batman or grant your every wish like the Genie from Aladdin? Do they have a dark side like Darth Vader or are they following the yellow brick road to some treatos like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? Woody from Toy Story is a great option for those optimistic pups, or Ariel from the Little Mermaid from those water doggos!

Animal Dog Costumes

The one day you can pretend to have an exotic fur-child, like a bear or penguin! Why is there something so cute about dressing your dog up as another animal? I can see Henry wearing any of these ridiculously adorable dog costumes. My personal favorite, and a strong contender for this year’s Halloween dog costume is the fish! It’s so floppy and I love how sparkly it is. The monkey, panda and lion are a close second, because they’re just too hilarious!

More Dog Costumes

From spooky to silly, the list of Halloween dog costumes is literally endless! This last category is a fun little bunch of ideas that made me smile when looking for dog costumes for Henry. Out of ideas? The pumpkin has been my personal go-to for many years. I love a good classic. A spooky vampire or spider can do the trick (or get you that treat!) and a pretty little flower is always a winner. Want to skip straight to the holidays? A reindeer is a great option. Then again, so is Santa! Bonus: this Cavology Hoodie does both! 

None of these your jam? Check out some more costume ideas here! Or shop my Amazon store for more Halloween costumes, accessories and toys! Of course, if you enjoy arts and crafts and have that particular talent, you can always DIY your dog costume! I can’t wait to see all your fabulous dog costumes. Follow Henry on Instagram and Facebook to find out what dog costume we choose for Halloween.


  1. Not a hige enthusiast of halloween but Great reading! Henry is so cute in his costume and i cant wait to see him in this year’s edition !!! 🧡🧡🧡

  2. So cute! Great ideas thanks for sharing

  3. OMG how adorable i have so many ideas now 🙂

  4. So fun right?! Now I have too many options! Uh oh!!

  5. Thanks so much!! Can’t wait to see your costume!

  6. Thanks!! I don’t know how I’m going to top this pineapple!

  7. Some great ideas ! Henry was so cute as a pineapPle ! I’m thinking of the food cHoices for my LeO!

  8. That’s going to be adorable!! Can’t wait to see!

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The Ultimate Amazon Dog Costume List: 30 Under 30$